Smudging Ceremony

There are as many different ways to perform a Prayer Smudging Ceremony as well as different products to use. We prefer using white sage and a feather as our main tools for the ceremony.

White sage has antibacterial qualities that purify the environment as well as treating the mind, body, and spirit.

What are your Intentions?

Before we begin the actual smudging ceremony, we set our intentions. We want to know what you specifically want to accomplish as a result of the smudging.

This process is the beginning of ridding yourself or your home of contaminated demonic forces, stale or negative energy, fear, sadness, uncertainty, or anxiety about your future.

Our very first step is to smudge ourselves before smudging you or the house.

Smudging Ceremony Process

By using a feather to direct the smoke from the sage to clear the negativity, we have better control over our smudging process. Whether we are removing negativity from a person or a room, we say different prayers to remove any evil spirits. The process is slow, mindful, and focused on your intentions.

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