Mind, Body and Spirit Smudging

Due to the recent chaos with Covid and unrest in the world, we offer our Personal Smudging Ceremony to rid negativity from your mind, body, and spirit. Much like a home smudging, the purpose of the ritual is to allow the smoke from the white sage to carry off all negativity, fears, and attachments and be replaced with light, love, and joy.

Perhaps your reason for smudging is health-related. We’re often called upon to perform a Prayer Smudging Ceremony for people who have recently received a negative health diagnosis. Whether you have undergone recent surgery or were diagnosed with a life-changing illness, your reason for smudging should always be focused on pain-free healing.

As we smudge each individual, we focus on certain areas of your body, your mind to be free of worry, your eyes to see good things, your ears to hear good things, your heart to feel good things and your head to think good things.

Our Prayer Smudging Ceremony sets the tone to release all the energies that no longer serve your greatest good, all negativity that surrounds you, and all fears that may limit you. We always promote positive good health and a pain-free healing process.

We use White Sage, which is a natural healer for your mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, its leaves are rich in compounds that work to turn on your brain activity, raise your mood, reduce stress, and relieve pain. It’s even been proven to be a solution for insomnia!

The smoke from the sage cleanses everything it touches and has direct communication with our Creator. With your intentions and goals for healing, combined with our Ceremonial Prayer Ritual, you will start a daily practice of reciting your personal affirmations to continue to deepen what we created.

For more information on ridding your mind, body, spirit, and home of negativity with a Prayer Smudging Ceremony, call or text Melinda at (913) 515-3250 or contact her here. We look forward to helping you banish the negativity from your life to make way for the powerful forces of faith and positivity.