Home Smudging

Home Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice and ritual that we use to cleanse a home, rid it of negativity and prepare it for its new occupants. Above all, it’s an actual sage burning ceremony that works for sellers or buyers depending on their specific needs.

Who is Home Smudging for?

It is for sellers who want to rid their homes of negative energy or for residents who want to remove bad vibes from their homes.

In addition, it is a quick and easy fix to prepare a home for new buyers. Furthermore, they can move in knowing all negativity has been released and the environment is filled with positivity, love, and light.

Reasons to Smudge

  • There was a break up or divorce
  • One of the occupants went through a long illness
  • Someone passed away in the house
  • A dramatic event occurred at the house
  • Turbulence in the family
  • The home had been vacant for awhile and had stale energy

Benefits of Smudging

  • Smudging helps to purify and redirect the energy in the home
  • It’s a natural disinfectant
  • It removes any negative vibrations, pains, fears, anxieties and uncertainties that could be lingering in a home
  • Sage is known to boost your mood, improve memory, focus and help with insomnia

The Best Time for a Home Smudging

We prefer to smudge the home after the sellers have vacated and before the buyers move in. An unoccupied home is a perfect backdrop to rid a home of any previous negative energy. But either way, occupied or not, we can smudge your home to your satisfaction.